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Why is it that so many folks attack, tweet and otherwise vilify Fox News? If you do not agree with them why waste time viewing them? The best way to deal with “Faux” news is to not look at them. It is common knowledge that the media “giant” is not a valid presenter of real news and an ardent purveyor of  “check out stand “style information. This station has long been an outlet that values misinformation above real journalism. Look at its luminaries ”

Bill O’Reilly-History teacher out to sell books at any cost

Glenn Beck- Ultra Conservative newsman who was a darling of the Republican party until he wasn’t

Elizabeth Hasselback- Semi knowledgeable presenter- error prone-

Ann Coulter- Racist incarnate , has one aim sell book that denigrate whoever it takes to sell a book and play to the insecurities,  racial hatred of certain segments of the population (who if they knew her would hate her).

We as hopefully rational people need to proceed cautiously in our support of incorrect and misapplied  information, while your personal beliefs are your own, they should be supported by truth rather than speculation and again misapplied information. It is entirely possible that failing to look at all sides of an issue will result in a poor judgment in electing our representatives. Anyone can present information that you like but not many present what you don’t like.

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