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How smart do you have to be in order to be President? We should all know that it doesn’t take a college degree to be elected to office or even to grow rich. What it does take is at least a rudimentary knowledge of history and general knowledge. Apparently these modern times have changed that since we have a Sexist, insulter in the Oval office. This individual seems to lack the basic knowledge of American history, For example Andrew Jackson died 15 years before the Civil War began, Frederick Douglas died 121 years ago these two men have both been cited in recent terms by our current Oval office occupant. It has occurred to me that I know the basics of these two men and I am not necessarily smarter than a modern day 5th grader but where does that put our TOTUS? Where does that put the current Congress who is busily touting him but making laws that harm the oft cited “American People”? It should apparent to us all that our lackluster attitude towards voting is why the present occupant of the White House is there, we as voters need to smarten up and become “woke” or we are destined to live under poor representation in Washington D.C.. The white House is “our” house, whoever occupies it is, in a sense “renting” it from us so it’s appearance and physical  upkeep are important but sadly those things seem to be slowly going downhill along with some protections that affect us all.

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