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Everything coming out the white house is riddled with almost and alternate facts. No “poor people” in the cabinet, these are rich people who have nothing in common with the neediest people who are and have been under represented by Congress (the people they elected to serve them) , now they (the “poor people”) are served by Rich people who have no interest in serving people they have exploited for years and now have even less interest in serving them. All of the past administrations have been attempting to better the conditions of the oft cited “American people” but instead the long serving Congress has short circuited those efforts whenever they could and making the American People drink the “poison Kool-Aid” while telling us it is good for us. If you are an ardent Trump supporter it may be too late for an antidote. The campaign for the office is over , it is time to govern not tweet us into more problems. Most people who do not know something, will look it up, ask for help and learn what needs to be done but that cannot be done on social media from possibly a Loo. The main issue is that many Americans with justification are fed up with Government’s lack of or poor administration. This issue has been around d for many years before President Obama yet the blame was placed on him because of skin color. Too many people have allowed their personal bias to get in the way of facts and these biases were stirred up by the lesser an among us who have not gotten past post civil war feelings. If we as Americans do not or chose not to understand that we are the actual “illegal aliens” since we decimated the Native American populations through wars, disease and attrition. It is time that we as Americans understand that our “leaders (on)” will mouth any homilies or quotes that will get them what they need , whether it’s a political office or just the purchase of their products. The loss of jobs has more to do with the involved Companies need for maintaining revenue than anything else. The coal companies did not want to upgrade facilities to insure the safety of the workers and allow for pay increases to insure the workers ability to care for families. Think about the runoff or slag that pollutes the air and water supplies. This administration is a dream come true for industries but a larger boot on the backs of Americans. Do not drink the Kool-Aid!

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