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About 2000 plus years ago as the religious texts tell us, a child was born in a stable. This child and his exploits became known widely in the then known world. His wisdom, great deeds and his recorded words are still known to us through the various “Bibles”. We universally believe in this child through whichever religious sect we decide to follow. There are those who do not believe in this “legend” however the written records appear to reinforce it. Fast forward 2000 plus years, we have another child who through the apathy of voters is head of the most powerful country in the world. This “new” child is the polar opposite of the ancient one yet many follow and adore him as if he represents the “new coming”. Thinking back to the 1930’s when Germany was in the grips of a severe depression, dissatisfied with the government began to follow a ” Messiah” who spoke words that went against all of the “teachings” of the Bible. This messiah used race and religion to condemn and blame certain races and segments of the population. Using the media of the times he blamed and defamed these groups daily and so regularly that the general populace accepted these attacks as fact and lined up to drink the poison of Hatred. The resulting acceptance culminated in WWII and the destruction of millions of live based on the lies and hatred spewed over the airwaves and in person by the “Messiah”. America is not quite as depressed as Germany was in the 30’s but some of the same elements have raised their heads and voices in backing the “new Child”.

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