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It is amazing the ignorance that seems to run through the NFL. This is the outfit that (used to) exemplify America as a sport after Baseball. Colin Kaepernick has stated his views and was taken to task for them. These views are held by many with lesser visibility but have not the “star power” to have them heard. A few football execs have voiced opinions with no real information on what they are talking about (boomer Esiason). Perhaps no one wants to pay attention but anyone who protests against injustice is protesting for us all even if they happen to be of a different race or ethnicity. If we as people cannot tolerate a disturbance in our life because of protests on our behalf then perhaps we deserve what we get (Current administration). we are living in times where information is so readily available that we are often overwhelmed by it. It is perfectly ok to have your own opinion on anything however that opinion should be based on known facts not facts based on pejoratives. Placing blame on differences in religious preferences, skin color or place of birth is shortsighted and just wrong. No one will like everything or everyone but it is not a reason to condemn or condone actions that harm. This intolerance is an essential reason there have been wars for years. Wars bring nothing more than death and destruction aside from the economic cost for years after. So the issue is essentially man’s inhumanity to man! This modern age has progressed greatly and not so much at the same time. It is incumbent on each person to do what they feel is correct in respect to interacting with other people, bearing in mind that how you want to be treated determines how you treat everyone else. The NFL ongoing crap storm is just a smaller indication of  how politics has defined us. Forward motion should be shaped by the truth and not from “so called” news. The scope of truth is spread across several outlets rather than the loudest and most outrageous. News is not entertainment, it is the state of the nation and the world and needs to be taken seriously especially with administration we currently have being suspect in its activities. Remember two middle letters in politics is “LI”.

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