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I am unable to resist pointing out that our titular national leader(?) aka TOTUS can not be classified as either or, neither nor and even what the hell. This space waster is simply an ego driven unfortunate who has ascended to the highest office in the land through the limited or lack of ill to look beyond this election and understand that his actions will pull on the lives of us all- NO ONE escapes the consequences. The often repeated lies and mis information spewed daily  via tweet is not only dishonest but totally disingenuous. This current situation is being directed by him according to how he conducted his business-(poorly) by with an iron fist and no regard to consequences. Unfortunately the consequences will be ours and with no way to redress the harm even if he goes to jail. I an unable to resist implicating the Congress of seat fillers who have gone along with this destruction and will expect to be reelected. It is OUR REPONSIBILITY as voters to oust TOTUS , Congress and any allied forces that hold elected office. It will take years to get to a point of balance with hopefully people who have the where with all to govern with integrity.


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