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TOTUS has packed his cabinet and staff with the “best people” who have proceeded to pull the country deeper into division and debt under the auspices of a neer do well Congress. Now TOTUS wants to put another Justice on the high court whose values do not reflect the values of the American people as a whole. The current nominee has some accusations similar to Justice Thomas’s so do we want another Justice to serve under a cloud that could predict his judgement on future and existing law? Could it be that “best people” are people whose morality is on a par with TOTUS? The time is now to express our dissatisfaction for this administrations lack of leadership on many fronts. It is well to remember that our Congress is as much at fault as TOTUS as they are moving their one-sided agenda under the cover of TOTUS. There are no redeeming characteristics for most of the Congress and the staff of the White House so it is our job as the “Bosses” of the Administration and Congress we need to be sure we are getting the best people in office. The way we accomplish this is to understand how any laws, executive orders and ALL legislation affects us now and later. High court decisions have huge impact on all of us. Having an unbalanced court is why we have the unending flow of billions of dollars in campaigns from private and corporate donors. These donors want people elected that will benefit them not us (the American People).  The special interest groups have control of our country through the Congress and the minimally informed TOTUS. Forget party and vote as informed Americans.


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