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Commonly in an election cycle there are and possibly always will races that get heated. In those heated races there was usually some name calling but restricted to “normal” types of name calling. In the “Trump age” that name calling has escalated to thinly veiled and overt name calling. DJT’s unwavering base has picked up his cause and let their baser selves emerge. Do we want or will we allow  these types of tactics continue or will we hold the seated and aspiring candidates to campaign in this way accountable by our votes? We should not nor cannot be guided by a Racist, homophobic, amoral leader(?). This White House resident appears to be the culmination of years of we the people paying no attention to who we have sent to Congress to represent us. Not only do we have an amoral leader but an amoral leader abetted by neer do well Congressional members. It is never too late when we as a group can instantly message these representatives daily if we so desire. The most important thing we can do is to become informed and not be swayed by baseless and empty phrases designed for distraction not information. We all might well remember that “shiny objects Tarnish” over time and should not be taken as raison d’être .


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