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During my travel through the highways of a large city, it occurred to me that the traffic and traffickers are not much different than my adopted town of much less population.  The major difference appears to be only the volume,  both have the same irresponsible and unaware drivers just in different quantities. I have observed no less than 3 to 6 red light runners, horn honkers (for no reason other than impatience) and outright dis courtesy (ignoring rules of the road). It is no secret that possibly the major cause of auto accidents is human error. No one should be consistently in a such a hurry that they weave in and out of traffic to move ahead or speed up to get through an intersection on yellow and Red. This behavior was not taught in Drivers Ed or any other legitimate driver training source, this behavior is learned from friends, relatives or online games(?). The often cited road rage is possibly no more than a perceived right to drive anyway at all rather than ways that are correct and legal. The coveted drivers license is perhaps another symbol of a privilege looked upon as a right and therefore abused.


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