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It is wondrous to see you being so pro-voter when you have not stood up against a miscreant President whose actions were un Constitutional and against the people of the United States. While DJT was busily screwing the people and the works of the government you were busily subverting the justice system in pursuit of your own agenda. Now you are speaking up again against the voters because a few large companies are speaking out against the voting restrictions which effectively cut off the path to voting for mostly poor and people of color because they came out in large numbers against your party. This is still America even though the GOP wants it to be “Jim Crow” America. If you were the patriot you purport to be then your voice should be against these unfair voting laws. It is shameful how you have spent your time feathering your own nest while many Americans of all colors and ethnicities pay the price for your parties greed. I believe you deserve this award for your continued self serving actions.



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