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As an aside: The current administration has no issue committing the same crimes on native Americans as the first Europeans did upon landing on the shores of “the new world”. This seizure of sacred lands for an unnecessary and expensive wall is a blatant attack against ALL Americans. This is the time for better angels of this country to oust the current administration for another that we hope will correct the course of this country. MA.

United States Border Patrol agents and Arizona law enforcement officials violently repressed a peaceful action held Monday morning by roughly 30 land and water protectors.

By Kenny Stancil -October 14,

Image Credit: PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images

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Twelve people, including at least eight Native Americans, were arrested near an immigration checkpoint in Southern Arizona on Indigenous Peoples’ Day after United States Border Patrol agents and Arizona law enforcement officials violently repressed a peaceful action held Monday morning by roughly 30 land and water protectors.

The O’odham Anti Border Collective—a group of Akimel O’odham, Tohono O’odham, and Hia Ced O’odham tribal members that seeks to promote the cultural practices and protect the homelands of all O’odham nations “through the dismantling of colonial borders”—organized an Indigenous prayer ceremony to voice opposition to the cultural and ecological destruction caused by the construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall. 

According to a statement released by the group, O’odham families “sang traditional songs, prayed, and attempted to discuss the Freedom of Religion Act that decriminalized Native American religions and opened the path towards the protection of sacred sites.”

After telling them to clear the roadway, Border Patrol agents, Arizona state troopers, and officers from the state’s Department of Public Safety attacked participants with tear gas and rubber bullets. 

A video of the incident recorded by a witness and posted online shows the police march towards the protesters and remove several individuals from vehicles to make arrests. Tear gas is visible, and the firing of rubber bullets can be heard.

The O’odham Anti Border Collective said the police shot at least one O’odham man in the chest with a rubber bullet, an example of what the group called the “violence [and] extensive abuses” that O’odham communities endure as a result of “border militarization.” 

The collective stated that those who were ripped out of vehicles and tear gassed included “children and people with vulnerable health” who were attempting observe the ceremony from the safety of their cars.  

According to the group, the police “grabbed children who had been in vehicles and abducted them from their parents—stealing children from Indigenous parents for practicing their religion is a clear violation of the Freedom of Religion Act and the Indian Child Welfare Act.” 

“It’s obscene and offensive to us that local and state governments move to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day while the federal government blows up our sacred sites, steals our kids, militarily occupies our communities, and shoots at Native Americans praying to protect our land and ancestors from desecration,” said one O’odham tribal member who was present at the ceremony Monday morning. 

The O’odham Anti Border Collective made the following demands:

  • Immediate release of all who were arrested Monday;
  • Immediate release of all minors abducted by the state Monday;
  • Information about and reparations for all who were injured Monday;
  • End the checkpoints and remove all Customs and Border Protection agencies from O’odham lands;
  • Immediate and indefinite discontinuation of border wall construction at Quitobaquito Springs and throughout O’odham territories; 
  • Immediate removal of the white supremacist border wall and restoration of the land;
  • Immediate demilitarization of O’odham lands;
  • Remove the Integrated Fixed Towers;
  • End racial profiling and harassment of Indigenous peoples;
  • End incarceration and deportation of O’odham people from O’odham homelands by border patrol;
  • End sexual and gender violence by border patrol;
  • End white supremacist attacks, incarceration, and deportation of refugees and migrants on Indigenous lands; and
  • Support Indigenous autonomy against colonial borders.

The group said Monday that they are still trying to obtain information about the condition of the man who was shot in the chest as well as others who were shot at. 

The Arizona Daily Star, a Tucson-based newspaper, reported that about 35 supporters gathered outside the Pima County Jail to demand the respectful treatment and release of those arrested during the protest earlier in the day. 


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Donald J. Trump in a quest for notoriety ran for President and to his surprise won. Found out quickly that he was not up to the task, so he did what he was used to doing and that is fake it and lie to the end. He spent the past 3 plus years putting people in his cabinet and on staff who were wealthier (than he is) or loyal to him and some for show. Once staffed he took a hands off stance so he could always blame someone else for any failures. The folks he hired who had expertise and ability quickly (sometimes) exited quickly. The ones who stayed were in in for their own agendas and TOTUS agreed tacitly or openly, while convincing himself or was convinced that what was being done in his name was OK and legal. Once he had approval from Congress (GOP) he essentially became the inept manager he has always been. His choices for his staff were more payoffs for favors and recommendations from cronies and possibly “FAUX” news on air personalities. His knowledge of management is either non existent or taken from comic books, not what would be expected from a college educated(?) person. There is no reason to continue his tenure beyond November 3.


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TOTUS aptly named Senator Ted Cruz: “LYING TED” as shown in the article below. MA

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press 2 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators examining Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court heard a wildly inaccurate statement from one of their own Wednesday about how much health insurance premiums have risen since the inception of “Obamacare.”

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas scrambled the statistics on premium costs and took an errant swing at insurance company profits as he inveighed against the “catastrophic failure of Obamacare.”

Republicans are on defense over the Affordable Care Act — or Obamacare — because the Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to overturn the 2010 law in its entirety. Obamacare provides coverage to more than 20 million people and protects those with preexisting medical conditions from being denied an individual policy, or charged more.

From the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Barrett’s nomination:

CRUZ: “Obamacare has doubled the profits of the big health insurance companies, doubled them. Obamacare has been great corporate welfare for giant health insurance companies at the same time, according to the Kaiser foundation, premiums — average families’ premiums — have risen more than — have risen $7,967 per year on average. That is catastrophic that millions of Americans can’t afford health care. It is a catastrophic failure of Obamacare.”

THE FACTS: No, family premiums for health insurance have not risen by $7,967 per year, as Cruz asserted. Nowhere close.

That figure comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation but it captures the increase over 11 years — 2009 to 2020 — not per year, as Cruz put it. In addition, the figure applies to the cost of premiums for employer-provided coverage, not for Obamacare or for health insurance overall. Employer coverage is in a totally different health insurance bucket from Obamacare.

Kaiser’s Larry Levitt says the cost of employer coverage wasn’t much affected by the ACA and “the increase in premiums is largely due to changes in underlying health care costs over this period.”

Obamacare premiums for a standard “silver” individual plan purchased by a hypothetical 40-year-old went up from an average of $273 a month nationally in 2014, to $462 this year.

Levitt said there’s not a clear equivalent for a family premium in the ACA marketplaces; what a family pays is the sum of each member’s individual premiums.

Cruz’s take on insurer profits also missed the mark.

Some major insurers lost money for a time selling Obamacare coverage, and several companies exited the health law’s markets. The ACA actually has a provision that in effect limits insurer profits, requiring consumer rebates if companies spent less than 80% of the money they collected from premiums on health care bills and quality improvement.


EDITOR’S NOTE — A look at the veracity of claims by political figures.


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Dear Donald (TOTUS),

As a voter I am wondering why you have squandered the greatest opportunity given to anyone. The United States has long been held up as a beacon of hope and opportunity in the wider world. You had the opportunity to gift yourself a greater and real reputation as the person you purported to be all of your life.

You gained the office as a drainer of the swamp in Washington and just as quickly became the swamp manager. Instead of listening to the folks you installed as advisors you followed your own life long instincts and make calls that added more muck and mire to the swamp. You had a number of advisors who were (and are) well versed in running government offices yet you listened to a News channel because they sucked up to you. Your cabinet members is populated by possibly the poorest choices made by any Previous Presidents (even accounting for some poor choices made by them). Your “executive orders” are poorly thought out and for the most part unworkable for the majority of voters but a great photo op for you. You could have done great thing had your ego not blocked your way. You have mislead and outright lied unapologetically from day one while continuing to try running the government as you have run your businesses. It is unfortunate that your management skills are not as good as your promotional skills but then having failed in business multiple times perhaps the product of the promotions does not match the hype. You have had several world changing opportunities to make America Great Again by just doing the job you were elected to do instead you became a hectoring sycophant to Populist and dictators who do not have the best interest of your country in mind. You had one last chance to be better but you decided that keeping a pandemic causing illness secret until voters in the thousands died and millions more were infected and affected. So Donald how great have you made America?


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The current hearings on the nomination of a new member of the high court has taken over the real issue, the 2020 vote, the 2020 census and foremost the 2020 “Trump” virus which is a pandemic. Not being an elected official or politician, I just wonder why these seasoned people are spending time on a settled matter rather than getting out the vote. The Dupublicans have already stated their case and we know that this hearing for the high court is just a formality. The bigger issue is the vote to elect new people to govern. Once that is done then the issue of justices and the Census can be addressed. This administration has diddled this country to the point of collapse with aid of a corrupt Congress. If the Scamocrats were anywhere close to smart, the way forward is the vote. Ignore the distractions of the administration, the vote is the way forward. Once there is new leadership, the following important issues need to be addressed:

  1. Pandemic-testing, contact tracing and vaccine
  2. Get economic relief out to the people
  3. Complete the Census or extend it to get a accurate count
  4. Address the immigration issue.

This is simplistic yet more effective than what is happening now. To continue a done deal while letting important issues falter is ludicrous and potentially a failing action. It must be remembered the country is in the hands of a failed businessman with no skills beyond lies and misrepresentation. This with the assistance of a self serving Congress and a cabal of aides masquerading as public servants.


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We have all determined that Politicians lie, they do it on our dime and to us repeatedly. The cure or at least a partial cure is to allow them 2 two terms only. Politicians should not have the ability to retire on taxpayers funds. These positions were designed to be part time as many members had other forms of work and income (including slaves). Keep in mind that the Congress will never place term limits on their tenures since they are the people who make and enact these laws. The only cure is the vote. When we (VOTERS) stop phoning it in in elections we have an opportunity to have a functioning government that truly represents ALL VOTERS. We (voters) have become addicted to “entertainment” electioneering and political campaigns, we need to get over it and do our due diligence in vetting the people we vote for. Our current elected officials have made Government a punch line instead of a way to run a country. The political class (if you can call it class) has made public service a way to manipulate society in their favor and enhance themselves and their associates. Consider the current Presidency and the abetting Congress, their goal is to permit “Conservative” control over the government which will only perpetrate the ills of the past 50 plus years on all (especially the lower income Americans). The vote is the most powerful tool as Americans we have and we need to use it intelligently and in an informed way. Unless we as voters understand the impact of electing or re electing bad government managers, good government will never happen.


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It should be clear now that we have a con man masquerading a the POTUS. This con has encompassed the Judicial and Legislative branches. The executive branch was lost on day one (1) in 2017. The phrase: ” promises made promise kept” was and is just another catch phrase used by a consummate liar and con man. TOTUS has assembled a cadre of followers to do his bidding and to propagate his web of falsehoods to spread over his loyal base. The recent “debate” showed how inept TOTUS is at his job but how great he is at the “con”. It is unclear to me how so many “loyal followers” fail to comprehend their duplicity in the con along with the GOP. It must be understood that the GOP is using the big con to run the smaller con of lining their pockets now and for later. We (voters) have the opportunity to remove this cancerous administration in about 30days. While we may have issues with the opposition, it is a much better choice than what we currently have.


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Of course we now know he misconstrued, conflated or Bernie Madoffed the truth. MA

Ben Werschkul

·DC Producer

Mon, September 28, 2020, 9:37 AM CDT

Over the years, President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has featured messages slamming others for not paying taxes, bragging about how rich he is, criticizing those paying taxes overseas, and even claiming he pays “more taxes in one year than you pay in your entire life.”

It all reads differently now after The New York Times obtained decades of Trump’s tax information and found that he “has been more successful playing a business mogul than being one in real life.”

Perhaps nowhere is the disconnect between his public message and apparent private financial situation more stark than in the messages Trump has tweeted out over the years.

President Donald Trump looks at his phone during a roundtable discussion on the reopening of small businesses at the White House in June. (REUTERS/Leah Millis)

For the record, Trump has denied the report. “It’s totally fake news,” he said Sunday evening and added Monday morning that he “paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation & tax credits.”

It’s often been noted that there’s “always a tweet” buried somewhere in Trump’s timeline that relates to the scandal of the moment. In this case there are scores of them. With an assist from the always helpful Trump Twitter Archive, here are some of the starkest examples.

Times he slammed others for not paying taxes

The key finding in the Times report was that he paid just $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency and another $750 in 2017. He also paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years.

That didn’t stop him from attacking others for supposedly not paying enough in taxes. In 2012, he tweeted that then-President Barack Obama “only pays 20.5%” of his earnings in taxes.

Donald J. Trump


@BarackObama who wants to raise all our taxes, only pays 20.5% on $790k salary. Do as I say not as I do.

1:19 PM · Apr 13, 2012


The same year, he sent along a story about Americans not paying taxes “despite crippling govt debt.”

These tweets came during a 2012 presidential campaign when tax avoidance was a big issue among Republicans. Later in the year, the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, got into trouble after suggesting that the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes were Obama supporters.

In more recent years, during his own run for president and since taking office, Trump has repeatedly gone after another perceived political enemy, Amazon (AMZN), for not paying its taxes.

Trump actually bragged about paying taxes in a few instances. In 2013, he retweeted an account that claimed “Trump is an American that will pay more taxes in one year than you pay in your entire life.”


@conservativeJT@bluejoni @realDonaldTrump Trump is an American that will pay more taxes in one year than you pay in your entire life.

5:50 AM · Mar 28, 2013

According to the Times report, 2013 was actually one of the years that Trump lost the most money and when he was likely able to avoid taxes. Trump National Doral, one of his Florida golf resorts, lost over $65 million in 2013 alone, according to the report.

 Donald J. Trump


@conservativeJT@bluejoni @realDonaldTrump Trump is an American that will pay more taxes in one year than you pay in your entire life.

5:50 AM · Mar 28, 2013

The next year, he retweeted a message telling Trump that since he pays his taxes, he “should be able to put up whatever signage you want.”

Foreign entanglements

Another revelation in The New York Times story is Trump’s foreign entanglements. His financial ties in places like Turkey are more extensive than previously known, and there are a host of countries where he actually paid more taxes than in the U.S.

As the story by Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig and Mike McIntire says, “The president’s $750 contribution to the operations of the U.S. government was dwarfed by the $15,598 he or his companies paid in Panama, the $145,400 in India and the $156,824 in the Philippines.”

But in 2012, he asked whether Obama was the first president “who earned over 1/3 of his income from foreign sources and paid taxes to another country?”

Donald J. Trump


Have we ever had a POTUS before @BarackObama who earned over 1/3 of his income from foreign sources and paid taxes to another country?

12:29 PM · Jul 12, 2012

Trump also sent many many tweets touting his foreign properties from Turkey to Panama to the Philippines to India.

Donald J. Trump


I just had an amazing day in Mumbai, India. Building an almost 80 story building, super luxury, which is doing great! Press is going wild.

5:58 PM · Aug 12, 2014 from Navi Mumbai, India


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Other revelations

The report details a range of other findings from Trump’s use of “consultant fees” to give money to people like his daughter Ivanka to the ongoing IRS audit that could cost him $100 million to the staggering amount of personal debt he reportedly currently holds.

Donald J. Trump


I am “the king of debt.”That has been great for me as a businessman, but is bad for the country. I made a fortune off of debt, will fix U.S.

11:55 AM · Jun 21, 2016


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As the Times report says, “Within the next four years, more than $300 million in loans — obligations for which he is personally responsible — will come due.”

As for consultants, the president has often dismissed them in tweets, calling out the Republican party’s “consultant class of losers” in 2013.

On the audit process — which Trump has used as a shield to avoid releasing his taxes — he called the process “routine” in tweets and comments. Trump’s own IRS commissioner has confirmed that there is no rule precluding the president from releasing his tax returns while under audit.

On his propensity for loans, Trump has actually been somewhat open about that:

On Monday, he claimed that he was under leveraged. “I have very little debt compared to the value of assets,” he tweeted.

But what The New York Times story doesn’t reveal — and what Trump is widely expected to try to keep secret — is who precisely holds the loans that he has personally guaranteed.

If Trump wins, the story notes, “Lenders could be placed in the unprecedented position of weighing whether to foreclose on a sitting president.”Ben Werschkul is a producer for Yahoo Finance in Washington


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Does TOTUS Know:

He is the President of the UNITED STATES?-this means ALL citizens with no distinction between them.

His Leadership (?) shapes the health of the country financially and Physically.

To be the President requires advice from the smartest people he can find, not Toadies to carry his water.

Respect for the Congress (such as it is)

The Justice department is not his personal lawyer

Our NATO allies are really allies not enemies.

The bad actors in the world are not our friends but we need to engage them to keep an eye on them

Our borders while relatively secure do not require an expensive “wall” but regular maintenance.

We need to reform our emigration policies rather than saddle our Southern allies with migrants and outstripping their resources.

We need to join our allies in propping up the poorer Nations so their residents can remain in their own country.

He is not the star of the show, just a temporary lead to keep the show going.

He should not be the Liar-in-chief, chief medical officer or major propagandist.

He should be aware that what is done to the least of us, is done to to ALL of us.

News programs are not a good source for information used to govern-That’s why you have a cabinet.

Finally no matter what a new job entails, there is always a learning curve


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