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How many times daily, weekly or monthly do you wish we had better government? In my writings I have mentioned the power of the voters. I should add that the voters who are informed or “woke” as the younger people say will be the winners. We have for the past 10 to 20 years been suffering under poor legislators who expect us to just vote for them because we recognize their names. To be fair some legislators are doing good and sometimes better work . It appears that we (voters) need to pay less attention to the hype and look at the results or we will end up with another much less than we deserve State Administrator or CIC. To anyone who reads this I want to make a few points ,a
1.forget whatever party you have voted for all of these years.
2. do not get caught up in labels they mean nothing and only cripple your ability to make rational choices.
3. As voters the advertising world has become our information source in the form of political campaign information – Tums anyone?
4. When you ask for tissues is it “Kleenex” or something else?

My point is simple: any politician who cannot answer a question straight out is not to be trusted, we already have more than enough side talkers and barkers serving in the electorate as it is. This covers all elected officials from  city to Federal so do not get hung up on Carp and nonsense. It does not matter to me if you agree or disagree as facts are facts. Fiery rhetoric serves only to fire up the crowd and ignore the issues. The truth is that which hits you in the face unwaveringly with no change. The truth can be altered but only by more truth while lies can be altered constantly to suit the occasion. The question now becomes: Are you emboldened or woke?

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Short article about Rush Limbaugh makes the point of ” who is the bigger fool , the fool or the people who follow them”. There is a short audio clip which is not linked here but is available on the Huff post website.

Rush Limbaugh Has Quite A Conspiracy Theory About Obama And The Internet

“It’s total control.”

06/20/2016 07:13 am ET

Rush Limbaugh has attacked President Barack Obama before, but the conservative chat host took a particularly, er, creative route on his June 17 radio show. caught this gem in which Limbaugh accused Obama of exclusively blaming the internet for homegrown terror during a speech to the families of Orlando massacre victims, and claimed the president and fellow Democrats would use that rationale to “control the internet.”

“Obama’s takeover of the internet will not be to prevent these kinds of things from happening,” Limbaugh said. “He’s got an entirely different agenda. All the Democrats do. It’s total control. It’s limiting access to information. It’s about shutting down opposition. That’s why they want control of the internet.”

Limbaugh, host of Premier Radio Networks’ “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” has previously claimed that Obama was jealous of Donald Trump and compared the commander-in-chief to Adolf Hitler.

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Just a little laugh- The Dupublican pundits ( Rush, Ann & Charles) have pounded Governor Nikki Haley for her reasonable rebuttal to the State of the Union address, just shows how irrational the Dupublicans and their backers are and have no good plans for us all. Stay independent. My political leanings: I have no particular attachment to the Scamocrats or Dupublicans as they both have failings that have and can hurt us.  The party’s themselves have great aspirations but their members do not. If they (the party’s) had our best interests in mind then why gave we not made more progress at home in Race relations, earning parity and true cohesiveness as a nation?  In writing I look to point out what I see with as much information and introspection as I can . The real power here is with the voters but to vote correctly requires carefully listening and reading as the media just shows a portion of the real story while the truth lies elsewhere.  We  view the debates as a  way to make decisions  and in  my  opinion  these debates are no more than schoolyard fights televised for entertainment. The pundits who so readily weigh in on all things political are out to sell themselves and their publications while often obscuring the truth with their blankets of innuendo and half truths. A recent conversation with one of the Koch brothers points out that he is not a big fan of either party but he is a Conservative and leans towards the Dupublican agenda  (the overall party line). That being said some mad lib pundits do no service to the Dupublican party or anyone else for that matter.

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Why is it that so many folks attack, tweet and otherwise vilify Fox News? If you do not agree with them why waste time viewing them? The best way to deal with “Faux” news is to not look at them. It is common knowledge that the media “giant” is not a valid presenter of real news and an ardent purveyor of  “check out stand “style information. This station has long been an outlet that values misinformation above real journalism. Look at its luminaries ”

Bill O’Reilly-History teacher out to sell books at any cost

Glenn Beck- Ultra Conservative newsman who was a darling of the Republican party until he wasn’t

Elizabeth Hasselback- Semi knowledgeable presenter- error prone-

Ann Coulter- Racist incarnate , has one aim sell book that denigrate whoever it takes to sell a book and play to the insecurities,  racial hatred of certain segments of the population (who if they knew her would hate her).

We as hopefully rational people need to proceed cautiously in our support of incorrect and misapplied  information, while your personal beliefs are your own, they should be supported by truth rather than speculation and again misapplied information. It is entirely possible that failing to look at all sides of an issue will result in a poor judgment in electing our representatives. Anyone can present information that you like but not many present what you don’t like.

“While listening to NPR, several knowledgeable people were assessing the turmoil in the near and mid east, it appears that contrary to popular belief – The members of the  Islamic State” are terrorists under different name. These folks are no better than thugs and criminals in any other country. Now to get to some  related items: What is wrong with the aspiring candidates for the presidency in their under or uninformed ideas of how foreign policy and foreign warfare should be conducted? One stated that we should bomb the insurgents in to oblivion! First it’s been tried (Vietnam, Afghanistan and other places), second the people who suffer the most are the people we purport to be assisting as the “enemy lives among them  and uses the bombings as propaganda against us. The issuing of unfounded statements  is not only irresponsible but inflammatory and aids (if not reinforcing) the enemy’s policies. These statements allow for interpretation of a country (USA) that is divided and unreliable. Free speech is a great asset  if used  with real facts , no innuendo or disingenuousness. It is unfortunate that in essence we have become used to “yellow journalism”, carefully worded news and omission laden speeches. There was a time when we could trust the news while  the networks provided  shows, movies  and  entertainment. What we have now is “entertainment news” that runs for hours on end with the same content delivered with each presenters spin while keeping the company’s owners basic ideals(?).  The middle east has been in turmoil for centuries under one faction or another yet it survives-not according to Euro or American standards but the standards of the area. It is surely reasonable that the area could use some help but the right kind of help. It is possible that the help we have provided is not the help that is needed in today’s world. WE have allowed a Foreign Politician to conduct his campaign in our Congress further exacerbating an already rocky relationship in the region. It is incumbent on the American people to have a real understanding of  the events in the world that affect us now and will certainly affect us later. I am suggesting that we listen to news on events with an ear to call  B— S—! when we hear it and write or call the presenter on it. Do not be entertained by so called on air news, simply laugh and search for the truth on your own or in many of the online venues available. We are already at a disadvantage due to our 535 seat fillers who are always looking at the next election and how they can help their backers (not constituents),  enhance their own image and status.

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Here we are again a talk show host who wants more listeners and reader to support his pseudo-conservative views, He has jumped on the bandwagon which has viable leaders to further his reader and listening gathering efforts which serve only his interests. This personality has no more credibility than Hitler.


Limbaugh: Cantor Lost Because ‘His Constituency Became Barack Obama And House Leadership’

The Daily Caller

 Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary Tuesday night because “his constituency became Barack Obama and the House leadership.”

Limbaugh claimed the Virginia Republican congressman — who had been widely expected to defeat tea party challenger Dave Brat by double digits — “forgot who his constituents are.” While Cantor and President Obama often butted heads, the Majority Leader was more sympathetic to immigration reform than many of his colleagues and may have been the White House’s best chance to push a bill through Congress.

“His constituents ceased to be the people that live in his district,” the radio host explained. “Eric Cantor became a creation of Washington, and his constituency became Barack Obama and the House leadership. That’s why he was doing what he was doing, that’s for whom he was doing what he was doing, and the people of his district finally figured it out, I think.”

“You don’t take pictures of yourself arm-in-arm with Barack Obama when the subject is immigration and expect there to be no kickback, or pushback, on that,” Limbaugh continued. “But the tone-deafness, and, I think, the willing disregard of public opinion on any number of issues, is unlike anything I’ve seen.”

The radio jock noted that it wasn’t always this way — at least with the Republican Party. “The Republicans have always been . . . distant, or not tied to that elitist, establishment existence,” Limbaugh said. “And I think that’s changed.”

“I think the pressures of that town is such — you know, the libs run it,” he noted. “They run it politically, they run it socially — which is crucial — they run it media-wise.”

“All these guys are caught up in this notion that they can’t be confrontational,” Limbaugh concluded. “That that’s going to kill them, it’s going to wipe them out. They’ve got to be agreeable, they’ve got to be bipartisan. Well look where it’s getting them!”

The onslaught of suppositions and innuendo has begun with no end to ignorance disguised as fact.


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