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The events in Colorado has brought up the old discussions of firearm control. The Mayor of new York has made a statement that the two men campaigning for the presidency should talk about it. The issue is not Firearm control, this less than sane person purchased everything legally but misused that ability to carry out his own twisted actions. This is something that could have happened in the most liberal firearm state or the most restrictive. What we will have for a while are debates pro and con on firearms which will end with no valuable insights or reasonable resolutions. Until the mental state of a person can be legally evaluated there can be no valuable  or reasonable solutions. A person can be as sane as anyone and degrade into the person who shot up the theater in this Colorado case. A possible solution that could help is a mandated training in order to purchase a firearm. many folks who legally own firearms have the training and knowledge already but new purchasers may not. This mandated training should not be designed to thin the herd so to speak but more to address the knowledge of the weapon to be purchased, its use and purpose. There are enough shooting ranges in this country to get this done. the most recognized advocate (NRA) for firearm ownership and rights should lead the way on this rather than spend millions in electing advocates or like minded individuals to office. I am a firearm owner and learned early on the safe ways to handle weapons, much of my knowledge came from my military service and was enhanced later as I handled more weapons. Familiarity is a way to increase safety in using firearms but common sense is the equalizing factor. The only fear we should have of firearms is the person who owns them. We will be hard pressed to discourage the illegal sales and acquisition of firearms but we can go the direction of educating  the folks who can legally acquire and purchase firearms.

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