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CHICAGO (AP) — The top official in the county that encompasses Chicago said Wednesday that she will drop plans for a controversial nickel-per-bullet tax but will continue support for a $25 tax on firearms.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle had said the ordinance was more about addressing gun violence than raising money for the nation’s second-largest county, which faces a budget shortfall of more than $260 million.

But there were questions about whether Preckwinkle had enough support for the tax from members of the board, who will vote on a proposed budget Friday.

Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes told the Chicago Sun-Times that Preckwinkle’s office is, “trying to figure out what to do. They don’t have the support for it.”

In addition to pulling the bullet tax, Preckwinkle said she would create a $2 million anti-gun violence fund that will be overseen by an advisory committee.

The proposed tax angered gun-rights advocates, who predicted it would drive business from Cook County and to neighboring Indiana and Wisconsin.

The Chicago Tribune reports the bullet tax was expected to raise $400,000 and the firearm tax $600,000.

Preckwinkle proposed using proceeds from the tax for various county services including medical care for gunshot victims. Law enforcement officials would not have to pay the tax, but Preckwinkle’s office had said it would apply to 40 federally licensed gun dealers in the county.

So let me get this right, the proposed tax on firearms of $25.00 is only in Cook county and not applicable to law enforcement while only applied to the 40 or so licensed firearms dealers. This is expected to raise 400,00 to 600,00 dollars while the County shortfall is 260 million dollars. It appears there is a contradiction or at least the appearance of one. How do these uninformed people get into office? What this appears to be is another witch hunt on the backs of the people who follow the law and pay for Fire arm ID cards. We wait as long as 6 months for these ID’s to be issued due to the backlog and extensive background checks, this is not to mention the checks done when a firearm is purchased along with the mandated waiting period. The County board President needs to get a real agenda for her funding source that does not include pounding the folks who follow the law.

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