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The big push against the millionaires tax has been a big deal in Congress possible because many members are millionaires. The people we have elected to protect and serve are doing just that but not for us . This tax  cut would affect people making over 250,000 annually but it would also affect many in the Congress providing an incentive to keep it in effect. There are many in the lower level of these cuts who would be affected but in order for Congress to maintain theirs they put the onus on the people on the lower end. This also covers the major contributors to many Congressional campaigns. Now that this election season is over what will we think of the also rans who so prominently entertained us with the shouts of eliminating the “Affordable healthcare Act”? Congressman Ryan who was featured  publicly in the run for the office now has to decide what he needs to do, should he do what should have been done such as make the Affordable healthcare better instead of starting from scratch? Will the other participants in the Congressional play do what is right instead of appearing in and on the media as opponents of everything? What will Mr. Romney do now, I am sure with his wealth he has no reason to be unhappy except for possibly  having let his backers down. The last word on this election was had by the voters, who recognized the misinformation and sometimes lies put out by the Party. Everyone enjoys Buskers except when they are Congressional members.

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