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I had plans to make a Pecan pie for Xmas after shopping for Pecans I nullified the idea upon finding the price of Pecan halves is 14.99 per bag (14 OZ) which would have made a 10 inch  pie.  I searched for a reason for the extraordinary price of pecans and found that hurricane Isaac was the culprit. Isaac caused damage to about 25 to 50 % of the pecan crop causing a substantial loss and shortage of the product.  I instead purchased a commercially baked pie for $9.00 (8 inch diameter) with a depth of approximately 1. 5 inches including crust. I sampled a slice and realized that this was definitely a commercial pie, the butter content was  quite low and the crust was passable. I am reconsidering the idea of baking my own just for the idea of having a really good Pecan pie. It would be a non renewable investment in great desert.

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  1. We did the same thing for thanksgiving. After looking at pecans to make one, we bought a store made one at cosco and it was let’s say just “ok”. I’ll spend the money on pecans next time. I love pecan pie. Happy Holidays to you both. Warren

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