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A recent revival of eye wear has arrived with the advent of what I call “Buddy Holly” style glasses. At one point they were nerd glasses, collegiate  and Jazz-be bop glasses. They are now called ‘”hipster” glasses”, the reality is that they are simply glasses that appeal to certain people. Remember the “cat eye” glasses of the 50’s and 60’s? All are styles were never out of style just out of favor as a current style but always destined to return with a new generation who “discovered” them in a movie, magazine or old photo. It would almost make sense to keep everything except for having the storage space which could place one in a potential “hoarders’ situation. To all who discover an old style or fad, I suggest that you do not take credit for something that is not new or even reinvented. The proper thing is to just rejuvenate a style for time that it lasts in another era. Except for automobiles most pre 80’s and above items are destined to return as “retro” using modern materials.

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