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To whom I t May concern, I have decided to write a little letter rather than to continue to complete application forms and send resumes.

I am 70 years old, my current position is as grocery merchant (stocker) for Sears Holdings (Kmart). I work 9 to 15 hours weekly (down from 20-25). My last full time position was maintenance manager for the Springfield Urban League until my position was outsourced. In that capacity, I over saw the cleaning and repair maintenance for 6 Head Start locations. In my free  time, I have done extensive and minor remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms and a few attic conversions.. I have installed  windows and doors, constructed  decks and patios.  My previous employment was with Home depot until retirement in 2005. During my time at Home Depot, I was department head of the following departments at several stores: Hardware, paint, Electrical, Plumbing, garden and operations, the last being in Peoria, IL. I have a working knowledge of building materials . During my 12 years I was involved in the opening and set up of 3 stores, trained several associates who were later promoted to department managers and some to assistant managers. I am at my best early in the day since I am an early riser. I currently contribute to an online Home Repair answer blog –yahoo answers on a regular basis. I am looking to keep myself busy for no more than 20 to 25 hours weekly. My abilities are limited only to what I do not know right now and what I have not tried.

Thank You



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