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I have had several younger people whose image of aging is  different to say the least. I have been told that I need to just relax and enjoy life. Lets examine what enjoying life is, enjoying life is or should be a lifetime pursuit (no matter how long that life is). When a person has spent 25 to 40 years working and decides to retire, there has to be something to fill that gap. many of us do not have hobbies but acquire one (or more). With any amount of hobby time there still needs to be something else, I equate the lessening of activity to when your computer goes to “sleep”, it is then in a low power state. Your body goes into a low power state when you lay down to sleep but upon waking, your body almost immediately is in gear to move on. Upon retirement when one decides or elects to ease off some physical activities , the body begins to slow down and underachieve in many areas. What a person  needs to do is continue as high a level of activity as possible and including mental and physical exertions. The Body is like an automobile, you need fuel (food), you need to have movement so that the moving pasts remain flexible and you need to have a periodic check up (physical). The main thing to stress is activity to keep even the ache prone parts  flexible. A little weight lifting is a good way to work out and keep the muscles toned. There is no need to go on a weight regimen like a power lifter but some moderate weight exercise is helpful. If you have no hobbies, then get one with physical activity and do crossword puzzles or some sort of mental exercise. All of this will enhance and possibly extend your life.

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