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Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, has observed Senators castigating and blocking Cabinet nominees in advance of their appearances before Senate hearings.  He wonders if more genteel manners, granting of right to a hearing, and concentration on the hard fact gathering questions might generate more public respect for Senators.  He cites an adverse example.

There once was a Senator named Gus

Who conducted his hearings with great fuss.

The search for the facts

Got lost in attacks.

No wonder his legacy’s, Old Cuss!

Martin Egelston published in the Battle Creek Enquirer   April 12, 2013

Family Politics Neither Right nor Left

Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, is puzzled by people who believe that being either politically liberal, or conservative, or moderate is absolutely wrong or even amoral.  His family has representation of all three and the best arguments going.

His conservative Father wed his liberal Mother

To carry on their debates with one another.

Then through prayer and supplication

Each asked for a duplication,

But the genes cut the bother, and made him a moderate other.

Martin Egelston Battle Creek Enquirer May 21, 2013

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