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After pondering the discussions on Illinois concealed carry, there have been many opinions some poorly thought out and some not. The legislature in its normal fashion is considering the subject in the media instead of in the halls of the legislature. While we as voters “say” we want to look in on their proceedings, we really never see the real work as it is not done in public sessions. The issue is more what to charge for this licensing, how to use the funds derived from that fee than who will administer the training along with what the training will consist of. I see two options that are possible for training: 1. the sheriff departments and police departments all have access to shooting ranges and could easily accommodate moderate size groups for this purpose. I am sure these agencies could benefit from any fee charged. 2. We have the Illinois State Rifle Association which has  range or access (they train members all year) and they could use the funds.
The key is stop campaigning for office and do the work required by the office. This concealed carry is not as big an issue as the played out in the media. All that is needed is  involvement by law enforcement, the Illinois State Rifle Association and then input from firearm owners. Many firearm owners do not intend to carry at all times but would like to have the option and are not against a reasonable fee but not a hosing as has happened in other licensing imposed by the state.

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