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Has anyone noticed that we know more about the workings of our government since Mr. Obama took office. This is probably due the extensive attempts to foil the President’s efforts at changing how Washington works, making a workable health care plan and other changes that did and does not sit well with the long serving Congress ( Dupublicans and Scamocrats). Through the constant media blurbs after any Presidential speech, presentation or even just an acknowledgment of a national tragedy, it has become clear that many of us would rather have a poorly functioning government than one headed by a non white. The many are fewer than in years past yet our elected officials have (seemingly) still not arrived in this century. This is well after several Presidents who have been competent at the job and some not so competent. Looking at the job itself, there is no manual or list of do’s and don’ts, just on the fly training with a lot of people wanting to be served (sometimes at the detriment of others). What we as voters need to take note of is: Our Congress has and is spending more time covering what is in their litter box than actually governing. That is enough to pay particular attention to them from now until their next election cycle and we can then send clear messages about what we like and dislike. We cannot force or coerce our elected representatives to do everything we want or need, even with our votes yet big money can get the candy store with a phone call. Consider this when the next election season rolls around.

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