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Everyone sings at some point. This occurs at various and assorted times and places. What is impressive is the people who wear personal audio gear will sing along and have no concern that they are not good at it. It appears that many of us sing along but we attempt to sing like the professional singer. In that attempt we sound more like we are in pain than singing. When we were in school we  sang the national anthem in class to start the day, in a music class or  for the school assemblies. During those group sings everyone had their part to sing in the range of their voices. These orchestrated songfests sounded a lot better than current individual songbirds as the group dynamic allowed each person to stay with in their comfortable vocal range. This is not to say people should not sing but more to say that perhaps singing in their vocal range would sound better than the failed attempt to imitate the artist’s vocal range and quality. It is a fact that everyone can sing but not everyone has talent to pull it off.

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