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We have what is known as a Home Warranty. This is a service you pay for annually or monthly ( depending on the company). This covers most household  repairs to appliances and some plumbing and or electrical. Coverage depends on what you feel you need. Some items you may not need or want but it is part of the coverage you select. This explanation is an entrée to the rest of this blog. In the past  few years we have had to have the heating plant replaced, the AC unit replaced, refrigerator repaired  twice and  a few other repairs that in total would have cost in excess of $3900.00 compared to $420.00  for the annual cost and 60.00 for service charge each occurrence ( 4 times). So for $660.00 I got my furnace replaced, AC replaced and several other repairs. Current situation: refrigerator defrost switch went out (unit does not cool or freeze). Switch was replaced, next after a few months, the defroster coil went out, now waiting for it to come in. My family room has 4 ice chests with contents of refrigerator and the frozen food in the small freezer in the garage. Imagine having to but ice over several days to keep the food fresh and draining the melt water twice daily, not fun but necessary. This is a case for having  a home warranty on appliances rather than the extended warranty offered by  the appliance sellers as most appliances last for years before any repairs are required. All of this does not accelerate my repairs but just mentioning the advantage of having a Home Warranty Contract.

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