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The gradual downward spiral of 2 well known names and their associated brands is well documented. The real problem appears to be with board of directors and the CEO. None of them appear to be savvy enough to pull these companies out their tailspin. From the viewpoint of a consumer their stores have the look of a used or overstock operation. The current upper management has devastated the working force with pay, benefits and retirement hits. These major changes have done nothing to increase profits but morale has decreased accordingly. Many workers can no longer afford to retire after 30 plus years of work, the health benefits hardly cover basic needs such as annual exams. The stores have had no upgrades in years and are so poorly managed that  the seasonal changes appear more like one long one with clearance  items clogging the aisles. The CEO and board members are surely receiving their compensation as if they are performing at a high level but the real while the real  work force is taking it on the chin. This situation is now one of desperation which could see the end of 2 major national companies and Icons of what America is about. What will happen to the thousands of employees (including management) and the customers who rely on these stores? The burden is on the Executive suite to correct this situation by going back to the basics of retail, which apparently they have forgotten or never knew.

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