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The last few lines of this article tell the story better than I can:

6 reasons America will rise again

The US is down but not out. It could return to its dominant status, but it has 1 big obstacle in its way.

By Kim Peterson 14 hours ago
The U.S. economy is growing faster than economists expected, although the recovery is still weak.
One observer is confident the country has so many long-term advantages over its competitors that it will dominate the world again. A. Gary Shilling, a consultant and a columnist for Bloomberg View, made his case this week.
Here are the reasons Shilling thinks America will rise again: Energy independence. MSN Money wrote an entire series on this subject in July. Fracking has greatly helped the U.S. cultivate its own energy sustainability. It isn’t there yet, but it’s on track to be self-sufficient — and maybe even become the world’s next great oil exporter.
Immigrants. Immigrants tend to be younger and have higher birth rates. And the U.S. needs them, because in order to sustain the population in the long run, the country needs 2.1 births per child-bearing woman. Immigrants will also keep our population of working-age people (as a percentage of total population) from falling faster.
Entrepreneurial spirit. Even during the worst of the recession, Americans who were laid off or otherwise out of work showed a striking ability to start their own businesses. That’s the heart of the American entrepreneurial spirit, which will keep America afloat.
Labor flexibility. Labor union membership has fallen fast, which for better or for worse means workers are more tolerant of decreases in pay. That will help buffer the country against economic turmoil.
Less foreign money needed. U.S. households have been on a saving binge, particularly after the housing bubble burst and home equity loans became harder to get. Americans will probably save more, Shilling wrote. That will ultimately reduce the need for foreign financing.
Strong dollar. Even though China is becoming the world’s next superpower, reducing the U.S. presence on the global stage, nothing beats the U.S. dollar. The world still views the dollar as the primary reserve and trading currency.
So what’s holding us back? Shilling didn’t address this, but we have a pretty good idea. The one thing that could keep the U.S. from dominating again is its politicians and the petty squabbling and stifling bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Time and again, we’ve seen how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have kept America from moving forward. That doesn’t look to change anytime soon.
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