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Disambiguation (also called word sense disambiguation or text disambiguation) is the act of interpreting an author’s intended use of a word that has multiple meanings or spellings.

Disambiguation as defined above is largely unknown and unheard yet we deal with its effects daily. Any legal , medical or other technical language puts it effects in front of us. We do not recognize as any detailed document (fine print) becomes a blur to us when reading it. This sometimes come back to haunt us in often bad ways. Our Oldest national document, the law of the land – Our Constitution is a prime example of Disambiguation, this is what makes the Constitution a living document, the legal interpretation of any part of the Constitution is always open to interpretation and change (yes change!). Many (including legal scholars) think the Constitution is written in stone but the framers and signers knew that as the country grew and progressed these basic tenets  would have to be altered according the greater needs of the citizens. The  problem we have now is our Congress and others outside Congress have and perpetrate the idea that the Constitution is etched in stone, this may explain why we have had some many expensive challenges on parts of the Constitution. Where we need to be as far as the Constitution is concerned is governed in the true spirit and gist of what the Document means and provides as protection as well as a way to keep our country true to its founders expectations. Obviously we have a long way to go after so many years of going backwards. When we as a society start thinking in larger terms instead of pejorative and narrowly focused ways will we start get on track to being who we really are and meant to be.

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