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The deadline for exchanges and any /all insurance related departments is fast approaching,. The Congress approved this bill and it survived a Supreme court challenge yet many states have not and will set up exchanges. Our Congress is planning another attempt at killing this law by defunding it. There is no thought as to what it will do to the millions of Americans who are currently benefitting form this law and those who have yet to benefit from it. The real problem here is: The administration has done an inadequate job in explaining the law and Congress has made no attempt to understand it but the anti’s have made outlandish and untrue statements about what the law does. How can you nay-say a law that you do not understand? The realistic view is: Congress should have and still can read the law, understand the law (most of them have law degrees) and make changes where needed instead of creating a wall of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies. These are our representatives who beg for our votes at election time and continually lie to remain in office. We must remember this law does not affect their health benefits so they cannot be bothered to look after ours. The Congress seems to have no problem making decisions in the name of the people when it is to their benefit but do nothing or less to help the people.  The Governmental problems we have on both sides (Scamocrats and Dupublicans) go back before the Bush’s and Obama since many of the 535 have been in office during all of that time and done less than nothing if they got no benefit out of it. The affordable care act has more ups than downs but most of us do not know about it. There are efforts made in many parts of the country to sort this out but potential users are not actively seeking those putting forth that effort or even simply going on line to the U.S. Government website to read about it and find  what local sources are available. AS citizens of one of the best places to live on this planet we are the poorest informed because we have become complacent and allowed 535 people to think for us and become upset when they get it wrong!

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