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With impending implementation of the ACA (Affordable  Care Act) aka “Obamacare”, there are many naysayers and supporters but the most surprising thing is several financial papers and a consumer’s magazine has stripped all of the “Government speak” from the act. Why is it that the Congress can state that the health care act will kill jobs, break companies and is a train wreck when they have no idea how it works? The aforementioned publications have laid out how the plan works and what it does in plain language but the Congress could not get there. It appears that  we have a group of legislators and pundits who through some odd quirk in their thinking cannot be bothered to get the facts and  comment based on those facts yet independent publications can. I submit that our faith in politicians and pundits is ill placed and can be better used by reading something other than the comic strips. When the initial portion of the health care act went into effect, it gave immediate relief to many yet this was not mentioned to any great degree by anyone who could have created  more coverage on the positive effects. What is the real reason for this onslaught on the American people? The one that I can think of is  greed and ignorance plus the backing of powerful moneyed backers whose sole interest is maintaining the “status quo” which is keeping the poor, poor and the general public beholding while creating more wealth for themselves and their associates. These big money individuals own companies that provide us many products and services but only as long as we pay for them and don’t complain. The reading material that should be required for all of us  are the financial publications as they have more information on the economy and what causes the shifts than the dailies which may get the information days and weeks or even years later.

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