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Why is it that so many political aspirants put out blurbs that they are going to change the way government works? Politics and government are entities that are so firmly rooted in the pockets of BIG business that change is difficult at best. This is not to say that business should not have influence but not a strangle hold. It appears that many elected Government legislators have roots in the legal profession which serves well in writing laws but not so well in governing. This legal basis allows for some expertise but not complete authoritative ability to legislate. I suggest we (voters) disregard the rhetoric in politics and look at the facts (not the media generated facts  or sound bites that seem plausible). It takes a lot of reading to determine what  information is as correct as we can find and we as voters will spend more time on social media than reading several available publications where views cover these situations with a broader and less biased approach. To have a specific sector dictate policy is disastrous, just look at the current situation where the government is all but closed down by a small number of legislators  or the legislators who are out of office for suggesting some reasonable changes in the method of background checks for firearms purchases. I am a firearms owner and I sure do not want anyone who is mentally impaired  or illegally ineligible to legally obtain firearms. We have a crisis in government and possibly due to our own reluctance to move beyond the media blitzes by factions who do not represent ALL of the American people yet purport to. This country is one of the few that allows free speech to all but the voters need to insure these free speeches are real and not made up to help several instead of many.

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