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Recently  the  CEO of   the Springfield Urban League has been selected to the Board  of security bank, while this is quite an honor for her as CEO  of The Springfield  Urban League ,it is  less of an honor for the Head Start program administered  by the Springfield Urban League. Since 2010 the program has steadily declined due to funding cuts coupled with while the administrators seemingly prospered. After several plus years of  lack luster administration  Head Start is losing 2 to 3 locations due to administrative  errors in judgment and infighting against a duly elected Union. Through the determined and pointed  opposition to unionization many longtime employees were dismissed to the detriment of the program and its clients (which is most of the Eastside). It is certainly wonderful that that the CEO has been accorded this  honor  but what about the clients (parents and children) and employees of Head Start? This is a situation where  a prominent person whose personal and public espousals indicate that their service area  is  their prime focus but their actions  tell another story. Ask the parents and employees of Head Start if their well being is being secured by this organization.

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