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I posted this letter on Sears Forum Website, I wonder if any upper management will read it?

In my 70 years of life, I have spent 35-40 yrs in retail and experience in export and import. The condition of the Sears and Kmart stores is more like Big Lots where one expects to see empty shelves, items in disarray and the store in general -messy! This is not how Kmart and Sears should look! Instead of saving money on the backs of the employees, Management(?) should be putting money (which is deducible) in upgrades and major repairs to give customers the look and feel of a vibrant store. Some of the stores have heating plants as old as I am, the floors are patched with mismatched (cut to fit) floor tiles and some cases missing. The question I ask is would you have your personal home look this way? Who ever is in charge be it a board or single entity needs to spend some time in these store without an entourage sucking up to them. It just takes a quick walk through these stores to see the problems.If I see them then think about how many others see them and say nothing but shopping elsewhere. If this was one store in this sad state, that manager would be dismissed, since it is multiple stores, who should shoulder the blame? I am strongly suggesting upgrading these stores to at least 1970,use the resources of the many employees who are still working (since they cannot retire due the pension reforms put in place), they know more about this business than top management and the board.

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Please Donate

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