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The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has taken up more time than required for the 535 to just take up the issue of correcting or assisting in correcting the problems with its rollout and implementation. Unfortunately these folks have gone the route of Joseph McCarthy and Estes Kefauver. Incase no one remembers or knows, these two members of Congress consumed the airwaves with what is now known as witch hunts against  Communists and Juvenile crime  (Switch blades?) due to TV programming of the time. Personally I am pretty much done hearing and listening to the same old Cr** with no solutions or offers to help. All of the folks use the phrase: “the American people” when condemning the ACA yet they never asked the American people, the small sample they get is targeted and non representative therefore who are they really representing?   The fact that they are constantly blasting the program  is enough to show me that their only issue is a Democrat who happens to be Black and intelligent has a rational thought to help the “American people”  whom they have underserved for much of their time in office. While I may be a bit biased but could the “American People” please read all of the available information and disregard the inane ranting of the ensconced politicians who by the way are not so concerned with the American people until it’s election season! Now I ask: Are You tired of it?

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