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I was close to avoiding any more conversation on the ACA, after hearing Mr. Issa again beating the drum about the poor rollout of the ACA I am again making the statement that Congress is full of lame ducks! These morons are too busy trying to stay in office to tell the truth!. The failure on this rollout is as much their issue as the administration’s. The Congress had ample time to read this bill before it was enacted but did not, instead they took excerpts given them by their staff and ran with them. Remember the death camps? If ( and I hope it happens) the voters look behind the curtain they will see it is all smoke and mirrors (still).Their lack of vision is as bad as a parent not taking care of their children and expecting a good result in their upbringing and future life. A national insurance company hits the mark with the baby in the stroller stating” Ok, did anyone notice that mime was talking?- Freeeaky!” Did Congress notice that the ACA required reading before passage? What is freaky is that the seat fillers who are up for election will go forward as if they have really done something worthwhile and deserve to be elected again. If being in the media and making “bold” statements is doing their job then they have done so but if passing laws and insuring that their constituents know what the laws are about is their job, then they have failed with great fanfare. I can only say as Voters we all need to wake up and understand that we have a neer do well Congress who apparently cannot find the key to the executive washroom without a guide.

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