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Martin E has supplied us with another observation from his friend Abel Oldsworth:

Mother Nature Trumps Filibuster

Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, predicts that a Congressman or two will try to stymie the upcoming government funding legislation by filibustering, despite the publics’ backlash over the earlier delay and government shutdown.  We should not fret because the requirements that filibusters be conducted in person, on the topic, and without a break eventually necessitate hall pass requests.  He cited a previous case.

There once were two Congressmen named Thrall and Drall

Who plied filibusters as good tactical cure alls.

For hours they each gave their bluster

With all the jabber they could muster,

But forced to yield when Mother Nature issued her roll calls.

Yeah for the USA   Merry Christmas

Martin Egelston

Battle Creek Enquirer

December 13, 2013

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