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So many people are amazed,taken aback or incensed by the information on how the Affordable Care Act works. That is there needs to be a large enrolment by younger people to offset the cost to older people, this does not mean that the young are subsidizing the old even though it appears so. All insurance is subsidized by the least likely to use the service. The policy holders who use the service get their money’s worth are subsidized by the people who have not and possibly will never have to use the services. This is how it works, there will always be some folks who may not be as deserving of the service but need it and they will be taken care of by the rest of us. This will always be and if thought of in the context of an individual-what if it were you who fell on hard times? There are too many of us who are basking in the ignorance of “let someone else do it”. It has been said, written and espoused by many but too few have stepped up to swing whether it’s a hit or a miss. The idea is to try!

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Please Donate

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