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The song ” Send in The Clowns” was written by Mr. Steven Sondheim, it was performed by Judy Collins when I first heard it and that’s the version I remember . That was just to present this theory: the “clowns” were sent to Washington to represent us. The Dupublicans are still using the media to campaign for the Presidency in 2016, the string of uninformed statements from various Congressional members on everything from Healthcare to Iran is as close to proof of ineptitude as you can get. We have a long way to go before we can fix this including the missteps by the High Court (which has comforted the misled constituents of the Dupublican base). I am hoping when the real dust settles many of us have the ability to vote the pimps out. We the people should and have to realize we have two houses of legislators whose sole purpose now is to gain the presidency of the United States to convert us all to conservatism whether we want to be converted or not. This is not to demean Conservatism as  in any belief needs to be taken in the context of other beliefs and realities while not infringing on those beliefs and rights held by other people. The current Congress has made the very office a joke and impugned the already fragile integrity of the office. We are experiencing the rise of deep pocket politics which is of no real benefit to the majority of us. If we are to survive this all, we should pay attention to who we elect and their long range effect on our future. A note to non voters-It is true our choices are not the best but we still need to exercise that right!

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