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Listening to an interview with Senator John McCain today, I was struck by his apparent lack of knowledge regarding the behind the scenes activities regarding US involvement in the middle east. Mr. McCain being the chairman of  the Senate Arms Services Committee would have surely been able to get any information required to be informed. It is clear to me that our dysfunctional Congress has its roots in the lunacy called “politics”. This 2 party system which is highly sectionalized in sub party groups is like herding cats. The political system as I see it is a way to have varying viewpoints presented and hopefully in a productive way that will benefit the voters (all or most of them). These interviews with opinions based on politics are no more than gossip. We now turn to the many Dupublican Governors who have weighed in on Syrian refugees while not offering any noteworthy ideas that could help are vowing to bar the admission of refugees to their States. These vociferous employees of the people are not necessarily speaking for the people rather they appear to be speaking for their political party and trying garner support for their election prospects. I read and hear these statements with wide open ears and eyes and hopefully many others do also. America has been infected with more bias and unfortunately  much of it from our (so called ) leaders who use tacit and overt biased statements to further their own agendas and laugh at their success behind closed doors. Haven’t we had enough?
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