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I would like to thank Carly Fiorina for bringing us the latest murders at planned parenthood in Colorado. Her repeated incorrect story about planned parenthood killing live fetuses for organ and body parts harvesting I believe is a motivator in these murders . It is surely an incentive for this madman to perform this act due to  the nationwide coverage of the Dupublican debates with Carly Liarina espousing the disingenuous fact about planned parenthood to suit her goal of running for the Presidency. It is bad enough that we have terrorists to fight outside our country, now we should really be looking at the ones we have locally like this gunman in Colorado. All of this mayhem and murder over lies about what Planned parenthood does. For clarity planned parenthood’s funds are prohibited by law from being used in abortions and the number of abortions are limited in scope. Their main function is women’s health  and that’s what the Dupublican candidates never mention. In their zeal to gather a following the Dupublicans are willing to do a great deal of harm to all of the women who benefit from the work that Planned Parenthood does. These are the people who want to run the country and apparently will misrepresent any issue to get there. As voters we need to pay close attention to what they do and say. We do not have any fantastic choices on either side but we must unfortunately select the best of the worst

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