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Chicago has again shown itself to be a classic non changing city-state. The recent revelation of withheld details of LaQuan McDonald’s Murder at the hands of a Chicago police officer has further inflamed the people of Chicago. This video showing the murder was withheld until after the reelection of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. The mayor was forced into a runoff election with a not so strong candidate and still barely won the election. It is apparent that too many voters have forgotten to exercise the power they have . We have in America forgotten that politicians are more like snake oil salesmen  pushing cures that benefit no one but themselves. “Honest politicians” and “crooked politicians” are the same except in pure definition. The facts of our system of elections is that we wait to hear what each candidate is saying and decide who to vote for based who fires us up. This method of voting is  no different than the excitement we get from movies! The method we need to use is reading about each candidate no matter what they say on the stump as those words are written by people whose sole job is to excite us about the candidate. Lets think about what is being said by the current aspirants, how many of them really know what the ACA is about? How many know all of the facts of our foreign policy? How many understand the full scope of what Planned parenthood does?. These are just a few areas that are highlights of the current political campaigns. Do we want someone whose knowledge at this point is so limited? We need to ask what will happen if they are elected? Will they all of a sudden become well versed in these areas? These are questions that must be answered truthfully even if the answer is “I don’t know”. Our entire focus as voters need to be pay attention to the “man behind the curtain”.

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