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We think of seasons as changes in the weather according to the earth, sun and moon positions as the earth rotates. Election season is a bit different. The election season brings some of the same elements as the natural seasons in that there is light, dark ,warm ,cold and many things in between. We have many people jockeying for the position of candidate of one party or another. Since we don’t or can’t remember the last election season, here are some tips to help: all of aspirants have skeletons in their closets, dirt under their beds and made poor choices at some point. This just shows that they are human. The key is how honest are they? Honesty is measured by their ability to recognize and correct or own their mistakes. Consider their prior lives before it became public, what did they accomplish or try to accomplish? What about their finances , are they above board or as normal as yours? Some of the issues that come out as “dirt” is not as bad as it is made out to be but out of context they seem awful. Your Aunt Minnie’s underwear on the clothesline was just as shocking in her day! To get through the election season just look at the debates if you want but understand that debates are like trials, you have proof and you have conjecture. Unfortunately conjecture often sounds better than the truth. Debates and political speeches have more conjecture than truth as conjecture sells and the truth is dull. We seem to relish the idea of a verbal fight but often miss the messages of those verbal battles and there is a problem. What is said to great applause is usually not a viable solution to anything until it completely laid out and even then sometimes marginal at best. It is good to remember running for office and running an office are as different as night and day. Where we (voters) need to be mentally is that what’s openly said is not necessarily what is intended.

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