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The death of Justice Scalia has left a hole in the High court and the Dupublicans have jumped all over it. Since the Congress has opted to fight everything the president has proposed and to the detriment of all of us, there is a great chance that the nomination will be stalled as long as it can be stalled. If we as voters do not raise our voices on this we will all suffer for years to come, our current Congress is as divisive as the rifts between the various religious sects in Asia. This Congress led by Senator Mitch (turtle) McConnell will move to block any nomination presented by this administration. Keep in mind that “Mitch’s” agenda is based solely on what good for Mitch  and not his constituents or the united States, this has been proven by his record during the 30 years he has been in the Congress (you must read it for yourself as there is too much to set down here). It is our duty to start the process of controlling the government with our votes and voices because we ALL MATTER!. Each of the Dupublican candidates has weighed in on this and made it part of their Shtick but have no idea for the most part what is really involved in replacing a Justice and the long range effect of placing another “Thomas” on the bench. Our opportunities to have a voice is now and has to continue every day. We as voters have to use the electronic media to let our representatives know when we are unhappy or happy but in a reasoned way , not in a knee jerk fashion. Do not be influenced by sound bites, buzzwords or school yard fights which provide no information at all.

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