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The current events surrounding the LGBT community is at once tragic and appalling. The so called religious right has subverted the reason for the various religions in America. Many years ago Europeans arrived on the East coast to pursue their religions without fear of oppression from the Governments in Europe. They brought their own rites and rituals which they quickly tried to apply to the native population even to the point of warring with them in some cases. These are some of the same people who participated in or condoned openly or tacitly in the so called “Salem Witch trials”. You may know of the atrocities committed in a religious fervor on people who deemed witches by the leading religious leaders based on flawed information and often fear. This subversion of religion has carried over to these modern times in the form of restrictive and prolific bias against the LGBT community and by extension along racial lines (there are many races in this community too). The Constitution specifically separates Church and State yet so many States and communities  have used religion to deny jobs, housing and services to folks of different and diverse life styles (which if examined are not much different than anyone else’s). The actions to deny services to all Americans regardless of their differences is against the beliefs of most mainstream religions. It is unfortunate that a few narrowly focused people and some of their leaders have fallen to a new low in humanity and taking their religion with them. These are the people who have interpreted the bible in their own way and added things that are not in any bible to support their own biased views. Sounds a lot like the Islamic Radicals who are ravaging the middle east. Both push an agenda of intolerance and hate.

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