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hedge fund
noun: hedge fund; plural noun: hedge funds
  1. a limited partnership of investors that uses high risk methods, such as investing with borrowed money, in hopes of realizing large capital gains.

The ongoing down hill slide of The Sears and Kmart brands continues. The breakup, slide and precipitous decline of these 2 national brands continues to make financial headlines. The current ownership has for the past many years continued to make the survival of these two business icons impossible by not investing in infrastructure and personnel. Both of these companies were built by people who had an idea to make something for themselves and their eventual staffing. The operation of any company requires people who know and have worked in that company’s  business and apparently the current management does not have that background. How can a company survive by loans from an owner when those loans can never be repaid? The bottom line appears to be the complete erasure of these two brands making the unemployment rolls increase, creating empty buildings and a lot of real estate (which will triple in value after the company’s demise). All of this has been orchestrated (or created) by a hedge fund manager who bets on loss for a living. It may well be that the current CEO is quite good at Hedge fund  management but totally inept at the  job of managing a business. The Craftsman brands and the Blue light will eventually become history under the Sears Holdings banner.

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