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The idea has been floated that extremists such as skin heads, and other radical groups have infiltrated law enforcement in parts of the Country. This may or may not be true but given the string of deaths at the hands of Law enforcement officers around the country it is a conclusion that could be easily reached. There could be much talk about this if the idea were reported in the mainstream media but fortunately it has not . It is presumed that most if not all Law enforcement departments around the country have a screening process to preclude the hiring of people with radical views towards non white citizens. It is possible that a few radicals could be working in law enforcement in that years ago before the screening processes changed it was normal for members of radical hate groups to routinely join law enforcement and “ply their trade”. These members were wide spread over the U.S. and not just the South. The recent spate of “so called” hate crimes by law enforcement has re invigorated that line of thought. Considering law enforcement as a system of society, it’s function is to serve and protect but that protection extends to the serving officers too. Many law enforcement agencies have had to make changes in their vetting processes due to issues within their ranks. It is possible that their methodology needs to change or something new put in place but most of us agree something needs to be done. As in any issue involving public safety, the entire community needs to be involved. It is incumbent on the citizens (in and out of law enforcement) to get past the issues of them against us and make common sense  guidelines that would benefit all.

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