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The worst thing about modern elections is the instantaneous transmission of information. Recently in a seemingly desperate move to shore up support for the Dupublicans party, Reince Priebus stated  “Hillary Clinton will take a way your guns”. This is a subject that has not been reported as far as I know in this  campaign. Lets remember that same thing was said about President Obama yet gun owners still have their guns. If you are a member of any gun group and are a reasonable human being , you will understand that taking legally owned guns from anyone is something that Government has no interest in. It would be tough to impossible to remove guns from people who should not have them or illegally owns them so the premise of taking guns from anyone is highly unlikely. These are the types of outright lies and untrue statements that our modern political parties issue. All voters need to first do your homework and ignore the rhetoric coming out of campaigns. Unfortunately the only candidate who truly speaks his mind is Donald Trump but being rich ,uninformed and unflappable(?) is not an asset. Do we want this person running the country and shooting from the lip and hip? This does not say much in favor his backing party. If a politician is so desperate to win that lies are issued on their behalf then I would offer that this is not a person we want to represent us on any level.

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