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This election season should show if nothing else that we as voters need to cease immediately to give away or voting power to the groups we join or follow. You do not have to join any group to decide who you should vote for. Stand on you own and vote your own mind! These candidates, their parties and the associated groups and factions while saying they do, do not necessarily speak for you. Their purpose is together as many members as possible along with donations to further their own agendas. There are no groups who have your entire interest at heart, what they do is to pick a topic that will rile you up the most and beat you over the head with it. Once you have been indoctrinated , they continue with THEIR agenda. The following words need to be your motto: “any subject that does not contribute to society as a whole is not good for me”. If the statements made sound a bit off run the other way. No matter what race you are in America we all in this together and what affects just one of us affects us all even if it doesn’t hit us immediately. There should never have to be a group that protects one segment of the american voters, these groups serve to divide us and keep us from the truth of their agendas-this includes the Congress of the United States who if the truth were known would turn out to be the worst of all the fear mongers and dividers. The old Latin phrase :caveat emptor should be read as let the voters beware! (et in electorum cav).

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