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The ascension of Donald Trump (as he sees it) is starting to hit his Congressional and public supporters much like a cold rain in the face. The stream of tweets from the outhouse has astonished many and especially the voting base that pushed Mr. trump into office. This Presidency has and had more issues from the beginning. The idea that Mr. trump “tells it like it is” or “speaks his mind” are both innocent on their faces but the Whitehouse as the leader of the Free world these two traits are detrimental to the country’s ability to work with the greater world. We have  a Congress of dubious integrity along with a “Tweeter in chief” who has now installed an unapologetic hate monger in the NSC above the long time Generals. The potential for more misguided  military actions is apparent. Aside from the issues that the public knows about there are ongoing issues that are monitored by the security forces of the US. It is wise that we the voters pay close attention to the Congress as they can hurt us more that the “TOTUS” can. The Dupublican leadership has no intention of taking care of anyone but themselves and have shown that time after time. Any die hard, unapologetic  party member on either side is serving under false colors as those colors will eventually run! Neither major party can serve any of us completely so the choices we need to make in voting should be on the person and what they have done in their time serving. No matter how smooth the campaign rhetoric is, we should be looking at the rough underside of that same rhetoric. There is a quip from the Maltese Falcon which goes like this” The cheaper the crook, gaudier the patter”. This is something to remember when politicians speak. Following a party as a whole is as grave a mistake as walking on thin ice in spite the sign saying caution “thin Ice”.

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