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The Trump promise to drain the swamp apparently has lost its momentum. The Alt right, far right and other Trump supporters are using this hapless leader to further their agenda and that does not bode well for America. These short sighted extremists have emboldened the fringe elements of America and could have dire consequences going forward. The repeal of the ACA (Obamacare) has gotten the attention of many more Americans than our lack luster Congress realized yet they continue on as if these people do not exist. This ignoring of the facts goes beyond the medical coverage, there is activity in the area of prison reform, the Trump administration is seeking to maintain the privately run system which has proven to be expensive and poorly run. It seems that each item in Trumps agenda is contrary to what He stated he would do. The string of Executive orders is not governing, it is more of a show of action while the neer do well Congress is selling us down the river or more appropriately leading us back into the swamp. All of the civility and propriety of the past administrations has disappeared but has shown us all who and what our elected officials are really are about. We have among the “fringers”: Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly and the inside “fringers” Steve Bannon, Mike Pence to name a few. The TOTUS has assumed the post of President as a sideline to his ego which apparently requires regular feedings of adoration at any cost. Our (the voters) big task is to remember that our elected officials are not on our side and have proven that year after year and invoking our approval without our approval. The “American people” in many statements is used as a buzzword to infer that we (the Real American People) are in agreement with their actions or sometimes lack of action. Since there are no term limits to Congressional terms , it is up the voters (the American People) to terminate the services of any Legislator who is not doing their job. This assessment of duty should not be done in a vacuum since what these neer do wells do (or not) affects each and every one of us no matter what spin they (the Legislators) try to put on what they say. Simply put: No matter who sits in the White House – the 535 seat fillers should always be our focus since they are the Criminals in suits who make life changing decisions on our behalf whether we agree or not.

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