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These past election years has brought the most vicious elements of politics to the front. Most of us do not harbor the seemingly deep hatred of one another over Race, gender, politics or any other differences. These appear to be points used by Radicals on all sides to get our attention. These are the same tactics used to excite Germany’s people to rise up against the Jews and other “non Aryans”, then go against the rest of the world in a mad man’s quest for World domination. We all know the result of that. There have been the same types of actions in many other countries over the past 10 to 15 years which have created mini wars and strife all over Europe and Asia. If we as Americans do not pay attention to what our elected officials are saying and doing (or not) we could have the negative forces assuming power and putting us on a “CIVIL War” footing. It is our duty to monitor these activities and reject them as “against the interest of the country”. This uncivil discourse among parties and by extension the party faithful amounts to a minor civil war right now. Each side has convinced their followers that someone else is responsible for their problems-this is not the case! The issue is that we as voters are not happy with our government yet we are the reason it is so dysfunctional. We have demanded actions that do nothing to improve the lives of all and accepted actions that benefit everyone above  the middle class including the people we elected to take care of us. All of the 535 members of Congress are covered under the affordable care act yet their plan is not affected by changes like the ones proposed in the upcoming plan (which we still have no idea what it will provide for us). Our anger has brought us a demi god as Commander In chief with dubious abilities to govern. This inability to command  has allowed the Majority party to do what  ever they want in our names and continue the lies they have fostered for the past 15 years. Neither side is winning me over and they should not be winning you either. What we as voters need to do is stop looking to be entertained by the news and look at the facts, this requires broadening our scope of information in all available sources- comfortable and uncomfortable. Forget the labels assigned by the media and become a voter who is informed.


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